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Our customers are our priority

Jonga Training and Facilitation offers products and services to assist companies do business better and more profitably. Our two main flagship workshops are Thinking Skills and Disability Etiquette Skills. When staff members at all levels are using their thinking in a skilled way, the business benefits will include better accuracy and lower error rates, more effective and disciplined problem solving, and improvements in profitable innovations; as an additional benefit, people will experience greater empowerment and will take even more accountability.

When people are confident and skilled in dealing with, interacting with and managing people with disabilities, the company can maximise its market share in this under-represented sector its not just a socially responsible thing to do, it makes good business sense.

Jonga will also meet your need for facilitation services, working with you to achieve your goals most effectively. Please read inside this site for more details.


Our Products

We offer the following workshops:

Thinking Skills

Disability Etiquette

Conflict Resolution

Finance for Non-Financial Staff


Our Services

We offer the following facilitation services:

Group process facilitation

Customised facilitation assignments

Delivery of client-designed workshops